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ZBVI is the only AM radio station operating in the British Virgin Islands. Serving the Eastern Caribbean since 1965, ZBVI operates on a frequency of 780 kilohertz with 10,000 watts of power. Our antenna height of 300 feet with a sheathed copper ground system anchored in salt water makes for a most efficient RF transmission medium. This combination of high output power, low dial position and efficient antenna system allows for coverage of the entire Eastern Caribbean area. 

ZBVl's format is a mix of Adult Contemporary and Caribbean Music. We present local, regional and international news and a comprehensive marine report daily including the forecast each hour. Sports is presented three times daily and community service programs are presented throughout the week. 

The Caribbean Islands, a land of endless summer where temperatures range from 68 to 92 F (20-30 deg. C), essentially form one nation with a common history and culture, but they are all highly individualistic in style. The population is estimated to be 3.1 million, with approximately 1.5 million English speaking residents in the Eastern Caribbean. 

The majority of the Islands in the Eastern Caribbean - the Windward and Leeward Islands - are mountainous with beautiful bays and harbors. It is these beautiful and protected harbors where most towns and communities have settled, making it difficult if not impossible for line of sight signals (e.g. TV & FM) to reach these areas. AM radio with its ground and sky wave signals have no difficulty reaching hidden listeners. ZBVI can reach and deliver an advertiser's message to those communities unreachable by other electronic media in the Eastern Caribbean. This is why ZBVI is The AM Advantage. 

ZBVI offers the advertiser a strong, clear signal that reaches the entire Eastern Caribbean, quality programming and reasonable rates. ZBVI is the station that can be heard and is listened to.


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