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 ZBVI 780 AM reaches more than 400,000 homes, businesses and mobile transport during an average 4 week period. 

Signal Coverage

ZBVI 780 AM covers the entire Eastern Caribbean, including Dominican Republic, Barbados and Trinidad. 

 ZBVI Prime

 ZBVl 780 AM is The British Virgin island's primary radio station. Featuring seven days of quality Prime Programming, Morning Devotions, Music Countdowns and Talk Shows. In addition ZBVI offers Caribbean Weekends and Getaways to Tropical Flavors in 'VIBES'. ZBVl's Children's Show - all targeting a unique demographically balanced audience. 


ZBVI 780 AM provides a comprehensive coverage of Local, Regional and International News. Reports are broadcast throughout the day, six days a week by our experienced team of presenters. Weather updates can be heard every hour, on the half hour. 


ZBVI 780 AM is the exciting home for local and regional Softball, Basketball, Football and Cricket. ZBVI also reports International sports highlights on the NFL, NBA, NHL, Boxing and Baseball, with regular updates on other sporting events. Tune into each News Segment for complete coverage, and to the Sports Show. 

ZBVI Children's Program

ZBVI 780 AM is home to the long running and extremely popular 'Knowledge Is Power' Hour- This features birthday songs, story telling, quizzes and fun time rhymes for all to enjoy 

Early Fringe

ZBVI 780 AM offers a quality, well balanced blend of music with a personal touch from 'On-Air' Personalities. A host of information spotlights are aired in the morning. ZBVI is a popular source of up to the minute public information serving the community. 

Late Fringe

ZBVI 780 AM is a dominant station in late fringe, featuring exciting Caribbean and Adult Contemporary music. A balanced mix of Air Personalities ensures a one-on-one stay with our diverse audience. ZBVI also features a dedicated Reggae show, a Request Line and other music dramas for the masses. 


ZBVI 780 AM is out of this world on weekends, featuring Caribbean Day on Saturday. No weekend on the Islands would be complete without The Request Line, Afternoon Delight, The Oldie Goldie Show, Caribbean Gold and the Sports Show.

Target Audience

ZBVI 780 AM with its new format of programs and its collage of music, appeals to a widely mixed audience from the very young to the mature. There is something for everyone. 

Weather Forecasts

Providing accurate and up to date weather information is one of ZBVI's most important services provided to the local and regional communities in the Eastern Caribbean. During hurricanes and other severe weather conditions, ZBVI stays on the air to provide latest available information and advice. 

ZBVI has retained Miami-based meterologist John Toohey, to provide ZBVI with customized weather forecasts on a daily basis. He will also be working closely with the BVI Government Department of Disaster Managerment during periods of severe weather.

Every Day, ZBVI Provides Two Types of Weather Information
Regular Weather Updates "Every hour on the half hour".
The weather updates provide both land forecasts for the British Virgin Islands and marine forecasts for the BVI's adjacent NE Caribbean waters. These are updated as necessary during the day and cover a 24 to 48 hour period as well as the outlook for a further 3 days. These are customized for important BVI events.

Daily Marine Forecast for the BVI's, Leewards and Windwards
The daily marine forecast broadcast every morning for the benefit of mariners and yachtsmen includes a detailed synoptic analysis, local BVI waters forecasts as well as offshore forecasts for the NE Caribbean as well as the Leeward and Windward Islands for the next 24 and 48 hours and the outlook for the next 3 days. These are also customized for important sailing events such as the BVI Spring Regatta.

See the 
Program Listing for details of times. 


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