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Week of October 22nd, 2021


Fat Hog’s Bay musician Frandy Martin Jr was killed following a boating accident on October 16th, 2021. The Police Information Office said that officers of the RVIPF Marine Branch are continuing their investigations in the boating accident, noting that initial investigations indicate that sometime after 6:15 pm two motor vessels collided in the waters outside Prospect Reef.  

It said onboard a 40-ft monohull with the name Blue Bayou was a captain and four passengers while on board the other, a 35-ft Contender with the name Yeya, was a captain and two passengers.

The three persons on board the Yeya received severe injuries. Frandy Martin Jr., a resident of Fat Hogs Bay, subsequently died of his injuries. 

The two others, male and female, are presently receiving treatment at the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital. 


Of the five onboard the Blue Bayou, two minors were treated and discharged and a female continues to receive treatment at the hospital.

One man was arrested and has since been discharged in the matter pending further investigations. Inquiries are continuing to determine the cause of the collision.

Week of October 22nd, 2021


The Miss BVI 2021 winner was crowned Sunday October 17th at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, HLSCC. Kathlyn Archibald reigned supreme and she also copped Miss Intellect Award.

The first runner up went to Jareena Penn and the second runner up Sylvanna Charles.

The Miss BVI 2021 Pageant was pushed back to this month because of the major Covid spike in the territory back in August.


And in the Prince and Princess Pageant, Rayshaun Lavacia emerged as the winner in the Prince category, with first runner up went to Amari Goodwill.


And Keila Daniel emerged as the overall winner in the Princess category, with Xambiah Demmin as first runner up.


So the Prince and Princess 2021 are Rayshaun Lavacia and Keila Daniel.

Week of October 22nd, 2021

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Saying he chooses to be one person less to complain, that’s exactly what businessman and Philanthropist Arlington “Gumption” Creque did when he handed over a $10,000 Cheque and Air Conditioning Unit to the Jost Van Dyke Primary School, on behalf of his charitable project, “I Support Positive Youths”.

The Jost Van Dyke Primary School was in the news recently, with flooded complaints about the condition of the school when it was due to re-open for the new term in September.

Parents and teachers had staged a protest because of the deplorable conditions there.

Following that, Creque advertised that if anyone or company booked with him for a tour for October 19, 2021, he would donate the full amount to the school.

He said he received a booking that amounted to $5,000 and, loving the idea, the amount was matched by a US-based company.

On Tuesday October 19th, Creque surprised the school with the donation.

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Auditor General Sonia Webster was told by lead government lawyer in the Commission of Inquiry Sir Geoffrey Cox QC, that she had reasons to refuse to give the extra week asked for by the Permanent Secretary to get information to her on the Stimulus grants.


In fact, the Auditor General said that she felt it was a delaying tactic by persons in the Premier's Office and they might have been hiding something that they did not want her to see.


In her appearance to the COI, the Auditor General said that the Premier's Office refused to provide information on the stimulus grants paid out to fishermen and farmers, so she had to go with what she has in the report.

The Premier labelled the report as incomplete.


Sir Geoffrey told the Auditor General that the Permanent Secretary at the Premier's Office wrote an e mail to her on June 21st and asked her for one further week until the 28th of June to get the needed information.


Sir Geoffrey told her that she sent her Reports to the Governor on the 21st of June. And on the 24th of June, the Inquiry announced that she would give evidence on the 28th after receiving a summons on June 10th.

Week of October 22nd, 2021

Week of October 22nd, 2021


A digital platform was launched on Monday October 11th to make verification of vaccination status easy and accessible.

The National COVID-19 digital platform BVIDigiCert was launched by the Ministry of Health and Social Development in collaboration with the Department of Information Technology and will allow persons who are partially or fully vaccinated for COVID-19  access at

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronald Georges said the aim of BVIDigiCert is to provide residents of the British Virgin Islands with a digital Covid-19 Vaccine certificate which will be accessible anytime or anyplace and reduce the likelihood of fraud and impersonation.

Dr. Georges said the platform is linked to an official Government server making it accessible and verifiable using a barcode or QR code.

He said persons requiring vaccination authorisation letters for travel can use the website to submit their applications.  The applicant will have to ensure that they have their passport and vaccination card handy to complete the registration form.


Dr. Georges further added that they wanted to streamline the process and make it easier for persons who need authorisation letters. To access the system, persons will have to create a user account and answer vital questions to complete the process.”

The service is free and certificates will be valid for six months and can be renewed using the same process thereafter.

Sir Geoffrey told the Auditor General that she refused to allow the extra week to the Premier's Office because she felt this would have caused a delay in the reports getting to the Commission of Inquiry on the specified time.

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